All our testimonials are volunteered by our customers. We do not use actors and we never pay a customer to give us a testimonial. We respect the confidentiality of all customers and we never reveal the identity or details of any sessions without the express written permission of the individual.

We are really pleased that Iver Therapy has been able to help so many people. We also really appreciate that so many of them are happy to come forward and share their experiences of Iver Therapy. Please find below a selection of the people who we've helped and who we hope will help you decide to let us help you too.

Iver Therapy customer Fred“Before going to see Linda I was completely terrified of flying, even thinking about walking into an airport filled me with terror, gave me sweaty palms and scared me senseless. I had booked to go on a trip of a lifetime with my friends to America for 3 weeks which I was extremely excited about but this also meant flying for 10 hours and I was going to be alone. I had nightmares about planes crashing and never thought I would even be able to walk through the airport let alone sit on this plane. I had my first session with Linda and at first was pretty synical about the whole idea of hypnotherapy but by this point was willing to give anything a go. Before we got started Linda talked me through the different aspects of flying and asked me to rate my fear on a scale of 1 - 10. She then put me into a hypnotic trance and went through lots of different calming techniques. She also taught me how to anchor my calmness and gave me some great tips. Overall we had 3 sessions together and they taught me so much. I realised I was quite an anxious person all together but that to get on with my life I needed to overcome these worries and I could use these tips she had given me to help with different aspects of my life. At the end of our final session together Linda asked me to rate my fears regarding the different aspects of flying and all of them had been significantly reduced. I finally managed to get on 4 planes during my 3 week trip and flew for 25 hours altogther.... by myself! I have never felt so proud of myself and the best thing was that I was not scared at all, I used all the tips Linda had given me during our sessions and actually started to enjoy the experience. I definitely recommend the hypnotherapy as I know I wouldn't have got on those planes had it not been for our sessions.”

“I still use all the calming techniques Linda taught me when I start to feel a little anxious and have definitely seen a change in my behaviour so for that I am extremely grateful.”

Fred (Flying Phobia)

“Linda you have proved me wrong! Thank you very much.”

Miss Y. P. (Smoking Cessation)

“Very enjoyable session and hopefully the beginning of no more fags.”

Patricia (Smoking Cessation)

“Linda, enjoyed my session with you. Have to come back now for my other fears and bad habits!”

Thank you. Jenny

“Felt so chilled out afterwards, like a black cloud had lifted”

Emma (Phobia)

“A very relaxing and enjoyable hypnotherapy session – each time.”

Many thanks Bruce (Weight Loss)

“I enjoyed my time with Linda. I find the therapy has helped me in a lot of ways. It has helped me through a difficult time in my life . Thanks Linda”

Ms.S.B. (Depression)

“Thanks very much for my relaxing sessions.”

Miss L.H. (Anxiety attacks)

“Just like to thank you as I have not had one bad day since And I don`t even want to try chocolate.”

Leanne (Weight Loss)

“Totally relaxing and enjoyable experience. I would recommend Linda to any-one looking for a positive result. I couldn't have given up smoking without her therapy.”

Deborah. (Weight Loss)

“I didn't have any real expectations but I found them positive right from the very first one. I have had 3 sessions and in that time my eating habits have totally changed without any real effort from myself . I would thoroughly recommend Linda`s hypnotherapy to any-one wishing to change their eating habits. Already I feel so much healthier – and the pounds are coming off!”

Mrs.Y.B (Weight Loss)

“All good so far thanks.”

John (Smoking Cessation)

“Best decision I’ve ever made. A month has passed now and I’m planning or intending to ever smoke again. Linda provided a very competent and professional service which was specified on my unique needs as an individual. She gave me different options to try out to see what is suitable for me personally. The CD is absolutely great and I listened to it every day in the first 2 weeks and now whenever I feel like my subconscious mind needs to be reminded that it’s not part of a Smoking Cessation’s body anymore. Thank you very much!”

Miss.Linda.R (Smoking Cessation)

“I just wanted to thank you for the hypnotherapy sessions I had with you recently to help me lose weight. These seems to have been successful as I am slowly but surely losing the unwanted extra pounds. My eating, drinking and exercise routines have changed quite effortlessly and I am now seeing the positive results and feeling so much better about myself. I have not been getting on the scales but can feel the weight loss as a lot of my clothes are becoming very loose and too big. Brilliant! As you know, I am a great believer in hypnotherapy, positive thinking etc. and am so delighted that these sessions have worked for me and given me the kick-start I needed to get to where I want to be.”

Helen (Weight Loss)

“I went along to try Hypnotherapy after it was recommended by a friend, I went with an open mind not really sure what to expect.
The great thing about hypnotherapy is that you don't have to consciously know the answer to your issues which is where I had got stuck.  By talking to your subconscious mind Hypnotherapy by-passes the conscious mind.
In the sessions you feel really safe, Linda  discusses everything that will be covered in advance, so you know what`s coming, and you can tweak things if you want.  After the session you are really relaxed, and have a lovely sense of calm.
I still have the odd lapse, but nowhere near the scale it was before, For  if I  feel the stress creeping up I pop on the CD Linda made for me of an evening for a top up.  Linda as given me back a sense of control with my eating which I had lost, and a chance to move on.”

Miss.L.P. (Weight Loss)

“Hi Linda, arrived home yesterday. Was nervous before my flight out but even with a very bumpy take off everyone around me said I coped very well, and I did even better on the way back, I was nowhere near as nervous as I usually am. Just want to say a massive, massive thank you for all your help! It really has made a world of difference and I'm very happy about how it's all turned out and how much more confident I am about flying! Thank you very much again!”

Harry (Flying Phobia)


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