Stop Smoking Package

Comfort, boredom, reward, stress, anger all these and more can trigger smoking. Iver Therapy can help you end this; willpower alone cannot. You may become an ex smoker but not feel like a non smoker; until that day there is always the potential to smoke again. I can help silence those inner urges that influence your smoking behaviour, giving you back that freedom to chose for yourself so that you really can quit.

This is a set fee and includes a free initial consultation. The consultation is to answer any questions you may have. This is also an opportunity to identify where the difficulties lay as the foundation for any successful outcome is in the preparation.

The session to quit smoking begins on your chosen date and we work together to enable a smooth transition. I use a combination of techniques to give you the best chance to quit permanently. Duration approximately 60-90 minutes. Support is provided throughout includes back up session if necessary at no additional cost.

Once therapy is complete you have an advice sheet and full e-mail/text support so giving you everything you need to continue on a self help basis. A follow up phone call is arranged to check on your progress and offer any additional advice and support.

We care and are here to help!

A first-class service having all the latest proven techniques to help you . By working together on a one to one basis, so making the session personal to you. This creates a successful outcome, having helped countless people turn their life around.

IverTherapy provides a lifetime of total indifference to smoking


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