Overcome Phobias

Fear is a natural instinct. Your body goes on high alert and can include numbness or tingling sensations, shaking, nausea, increased heart beat and adrenaline production . This is to warn you of imminent danger as you go into "fight or flight" mode. A clever survival mechanism.

However, sometimes,your mind can misinterpret situations and over re-acts. Your subconscious mind can then go to any lengths to make you avoid a recurrence of that unpleasant situation. To add to this, you can then link this fear to similar situations and then this can escalate.

For instance if you have a fear of flying the anxiety can start when you are packing your suitcase.

This does not have to be this way. Act today and put an end this and free yourself of all unnecessary anxieties.

IverTherapy is the perfect solution as my techniques re-evaluate the perceived danger while teaching calming techniques. It really is that easy . Totally empowering you to gain control once again.


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